I am a perpetual learner of life and I am extremely curious about the workings of the human brain and psyche. I love nature, music and the arts and have deep respect for all living things.

My conscious journey through happiness began with reading, self-coaching, music, dance, acting and comedy at the age of 9, first, as remedies to cope with personal challenges growing up, which by chance helped me build a positive and passionate attitude and aptitude for living. I could see how this directly impacted those who crossed my path and was always told how good I made them feel. My curly hair did help with that by the way.

I am a funny concoction of spiritual, philosophical, and psychological beliefs and practices, but I live by the fundamental value of “doing unto others as you would have them to unto you”, but what really woke me up to my purpose was this powerful message from one of my favorite comedians Jim Carrey in his keynote speech to university students in 2014:

“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.”

Since 2015 after being made redundant as an employee, I promised myself to make happiness a conscious choice and continuous practice despite any kind of challenge; and something to experience as regularly as possible in small or large amounts, especially throughout the rest of my entrepreneurial career.



For more than 15 years, I have been helping businesses in various industries enhance their brand and reputation with effective marketing and communication strategies and activities.

With a background in visual communications, leadership and innovation, I have developed a natural ability to think creatively and find originality in the mundane, leading teams and projects and collaborating with others even more so today.

What led me to workplace happiness was seeing the lack of it. The corporate world has become a place of extreme misery and anxiety where employees are sadly forced to deal with difficult managers and difficult situations, and I found it was due to five critical elements: Communication, Learning, Recognition, Relationships, and Space.

Today, I am in the business of crafting positive employee experiences, looking at technology, culture, learning and the physical space. This in turn improves employees’ productivity, it impacts customers’ happiness and helps businesses achieve profitability, and many studies out there prove that.

In my spare time, I coach and train individuals and the youth to help them create happiness from within themselves first before others using science-backed tools and neurometric assessments. I also act in various theatrical and film productions in Dubai and have hosted events such as The Women’s SME Conference and the Executive Women Forum, including corporate events.